10 Business Lessons from 2017

//10 Business Lessons from 2017

10 Business lessons I learned:

Sharing wisdom from my lessons as a 28 year old minister, marketer, and millennial.

1. Never count money until it’s in your hand. Little goblins from under your bed come and snatch away what you anticipate without evidence. 
2. All money isn’t good money. Never travel across the street for shaky people.
3. Every client isn’t your client. All proposal should be just that, proposals. You don’t have to keep every fish you catch.
4. Opportunities come and go. Big doors will open and small ones too. Most of the doors in our life that open are revolving doors. Don’t get mad because the current season doesn’t give room for your hearts desire. It will come back again.
5. Do not let people’s word curses about them being mad at your performance sink in. Shake off the dust from a business failure and move the heck on. 
6. Under promise and over deliver. Best way to look like a rockstar.
7. Take your time. If you have to rush to make it happen- it will cost you way more than what you thought. Like a super speeder ticket for a client who would eventually owe you money anyway.
8. Stay away from God told me people. Deep people drown.
9. Say goodbye often. You know way deep down which clients are seasonal. You know when their season is up so, let people go without fear of what they think. 
10. Get your money on the front end of a deal. Girl. Secure the bag!
Serving your vision with my creativity,
Alexis M. Jarrett #amjspeaks

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