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10 Business Lessons from 2017

10 Business lessons I learned: Sharing wisdom from my lessons as a 28 year old minister, marketer, and millennial. 1. Never count money until it's in your hand. Little goblins from under your bed come and snatch away what you anticipate without evidence.  2. All money isn't good money. Never travel across the street for shaky people. 3. Every client isn't your client. All proposal should be just that, proposals. You don't have to keep every fish you catch. 4. Opportunities come and go. Big doors will open and small ones too. Most of the doors in our life that open [...]

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Who is Alexis M. Jarrett?

Alexis M. Jarrett has 10 years of experience in marketing and communication, with her career starting in retail and radio via Clear Channel. She is an ambitious entrepreneur, who founded the digital marketing company Grace Media in 2014, after graduating with her B.S. in Mass Communication. She is also a published author & sought after public speaker. Alexis has polished skills in graphic design, market research, sales, brand development, social media, video editing, and management. Her artwork has been featured on billboards throughout Columbus, GA, as well as earning her marketing clients 100% ROI. Alexis enjoys long walks [...]

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What our clients say

Racquel Charise Wyatt  Body of Christ Worship Center | Columbus, GA Thank you sweet Jesus for friends like Alexis Jarret who saved our graphics! Grace Media will save your churches & businessess flyers, etc. Let her help you. Johnny Lumpkin Grace Media has been such a blessing to my business. Alexis Jarrett’s professionalism is second to none. In designing my company website and sharing her vast knowledge of social media marketing, she has elevated my business to new heights. Lumpkin Travel now has a stronger footprint in the travel industry with a presence [...]

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