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Alexis M. Jarrett

has 10 years of experience in marketing and communication, with her career starting in retail and radio via Clear Channel. She is an ambitious entrepreneur, who founded the digital marketing company Grace Media in 2014, after graduating with her B.S. in Mass Communication. She is also a published author & sought after public speaker.

Alexis has polished skills in graphic design, market research, sales, brand development, social media, video editing, and management. Her artwork has been featured on billboards throughout Columbus, GA, as well as earning her marketing clients 100% ROI.

Alexis enjoys long walks to her Keurig Coffee Machine, loud obnoxious laughter, tacos, and leading people. She especially enjoys helping teens and young adults to discover their purpose, talents, and positive contributions to society with her ministry www.theradiantones.org 

Alexis also battles sickle cell disease and is a brand ambassador for The Sickle Life. Find out how you can support their mission to spread awareness on sickle cell trait and the disease.


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